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Sustainability Policy

Trading as Beacons Business Interiors, PJE Business Solutions and PJE Engineering, the group works with many UK blue-chip companies.

Our ambition is to be recognised as the UK’s leading Commercial Fit-out Specialists, creating the best, most efficient, sustainable designed work environments for people. We believe that conducting our operations sustainably is an essential part of that ambition, so we strive to ensure that we consider the social, environmental and economic impact of our actions throughout our decision making processes.

Our approach to sustainable business is integrated into everything we do and we will actively encourage our people to play their part, whatever their role within the business. This will require new solutions to challenges and innovative thinking to achieve our ambitions.

This policy sets out the principles behind our approach to sustainability in the form of four key philosophies.

Planet – We will respect today's environment while creating tomorrow's communities. We seek to do this by:

  • improving the design workplace solutions so that we deliver high quality sustainable places to work;
  • reducing our impact on the environment, at the design process and both during construction and post construction, from the use of energy, water, materials, and the creation of waste;
  • enhancing the ecology and biodiversity of our projects by protecting existing assets and where required introducing relevant new habitats and species;

Partners – We will work with a network of local, regional and national partners and stakeholders to deliver our own sustainability ambitions, whilst helping them achieve theirs. We seek to do this by:

  • promoting long-term relationships with our partners based upon transparency, honesty and integrity;
  • ensuring mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our subcontractors, suppliers and consultants which deliver sustainable solutions;
  • engaging openly with local and national government, supporting their initiatives to deliver their sustainability aspirations;
  • listening to our clients so that their views are incorporated into how we design and deliver projects; and

People – We aim to attract and retain the best people from all walks of life, providing a positive working environment that encourages them to fulfil their potential. We seek to do this by:

  • providing a working environment that is open, honest and fair, allowing every individual to make a difference;
  • encouraging and supporting everyone to achieve their best through a focus on continuous development;
  • setting high standards for safety at work by ensuring systems are in place to protect the health and wellbeing of our people, partners and customers; and
  • promoting healthy lifestyles amongst our people.

Customers – We will understand our customers' needs and aim to delight them throughout their journey with us, promoting sustainability every step of the way, creating customers for life. We will do this by:

  • listening to our customers needs, treating each one with respect and providing the highest standards of service and quality as well as value for money;
  • using industry leading expertise and skills to design innovative and sustainable work environments where people aspire to work; and
  • help our customer's to appreciate the benefits of sustainable workplaces and encourage them to get the most out of them through sustainable living.

This Sustainability Policy has been approved by the Board of Beacons Business Interiors Group and will be reviewed annually.

Environmental Sustainability

Committed to comprehensive environmental management, using a recognised system, Bbi is also proud to be distinctive in its modern and apolitical attitude to the issues. Bbi's approach is:

  • Progressive, yet realistic, aiming for continuous improvements in performance whilst assuring value.
  • Novel and intelligent, using clever design and technology to address the built environment and assets.
  • Fluid, with actions and policies tracking changing contexts and circumstances to maintain environmental harmony and assure legislative compliance.
  • Open, with all stakeholders being able to contribute and all outputs being reported in the public domain.

Manufacturing and Environmental Standards

Since its inception in the late eighties, Bbi has sought and developed close partnerships with major manufactures in both the furniture and construction industries. These relationships have had many commercial and environmental benefits for our clients.

"...have developed products with a re-cyclability quotient as high as 98%."

All of our major manufacturering partners have achieved ISO 14001; as a result of this process some have developed products with a re-cyclability quotient as high as 98%.

Our designers, as standard practice, specify and design building control systems that are environmentally produced and operated to reduce energy consumption, providing lower costs for our clients and benefits for the environment.

Green Works

Another recent initiative is our support for Green Works. Green Works is a nationwide award winning charity that diverts redundant, used office furniture away from landfill whilst also providing employment opportunities for disadvantaged people.

"..saving them over£2.5m in the process!"

Old office furniture is collected by Green Works, reconditioned on an industrial scale and then resold.

So far, the charity has provided recycled furniture to over 5000 organisations including schools, other charities and small businesses saving them over £2.5m in the process!

Carpet Carpet ...

Bbi have invested £40,000 in a new carpet tile recycling division, Carpet Carpet, the first commercial operation of its kind in Wales/ Gloucestershire/ Yorkshire. The tiles will be sourced from existing installations that would previously have been thrown away when an organisation either changes its branding or moves into new premises, where carpeting already exists, but doesn't fit in with either the design or quality requirement.

"...a saving of £10 on a typical quality tile, businesses could save around £10,000 on an average 1,000 sq m building."

We will remove the unwanted carpet tiles then clean and refurbish them so they can be used on new projects as recycled product.

The venture will not only mean that good quality tiles are available at a much lower price, but also that fewer tiles are sent to landfill and less energy and resources are wasted in the manufacture of new tiles.

With the recycled carpet tiles coming in at around £10 per square metre, a saving of £10 on a typical quality tile, businesses could save around £10,000 on an average 1,000 sq m building... [ read full press release ].

Environmental Statement

To view our Environmental Statement in Adobe Acrobat format click here and it will open in a new window (right-click and choose "Save Target As..." to download).



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