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Interior Design

Successful interior design solutions evolve from a combination of a structured design approach and an in depth assessment and understanding of the client's design brief. PJE's qualified designers are experienced in carrying out fully dimensioned site surveys, ensuring accurate technical drawings at all stages of the project design and design development.

Getting it right first time...

"...all contractors work to the same dimensions and to the same design scheme."

Issue of drawings via a drawing register covering raised access floor plans, carpet detail, partitioning layouts, ceiling and lighting grids, air conditioning, sprinkler pipes and valves, cable routing and furniture space plans can all be superimposed on different 'levels' of the same plan, ensuring that all contractors work to the same dimensions and to the same design scheme.

From outline two-dimensional block plans, through to detailed three dimensional drawings, all records can be output from A4 to A0 format, or electronically transferred to our clients own facilities via CD or e-mail. 'No cost' software can be provided for viewing and mark-up of plans.

Knowing exactly what you are getting ...

Once the initial design proposals have been developed and accepted, three dimensional colour models can be generated by scanning carpet tiles, wall coverings and other details to provide an accurate impression of the complete scheme. accurate impression of the complete scheme.

Utilising digital photography and colour rendering 3D software, different furnishing solutions can be placed within the design scheme and discussed prior to final decision. This facility can be crucial in confirming the overall solution.

Colour visuals are produced for not only office environments, but also external site proposals, graphic presentations and signage, all generated and produced in- house.

...including placing samples of the finished product with the client



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