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Roof of 10-12 Eastcheap

10-12 Eastcheap London


Eastcheap Chiller Replacement and Boiler Replacemet

Contract Period

July 2012 - Septemebr 2012

Project value

£200,000.00 M&E Project

The client

The works were undertaken on behalf of The Church of England Property Fund and were managed by Arup FM who were representing BNP Parabis, the building managers..

About the Project

The works involved the replacement of two old R22 chillers located on the roof of the property in Eastcheap London. The works, due to the failure of both chillers, were required to take place during the summer of 2012 and coincided with the London Olympics. The building being on the route of the mens and womens marathon race and given the additional traffic restrictions within central London during the Olympics period it was not possible to obtain permission for a crane lift to remove the old chillers and position the new ones. To implement the works urgently the existing chillers were broken down on site and the residual elements manhandled down from the roof to the 6th floor (one level below), where the component parts could be taken by passenger lift to the first floor for storage. Using a wait an load solution the component parts were collected and removed from site outside peak hours. This was relatively straightforward with the first chiller but the second was located on the far side of the roof with access to the stairs obstructed by an AHU (air handling unit) which severely limiting access. The solution was a scaffold and hist system, which in turn had to be carried roof level and erected over the air handling plant to enable the old chiller to be lifted out. The new chillers, having been manufactured, factory tested and shipped to a workshop outside the M25, were then dismanteled and shipped to site peicemeal, individual larger component were carried up seven floors (fourteen flights of stairs) when these proved to large for the lift. The new chillers were then rebuilt, tested, commissioned and set to work. Whil carrying out this work we also undertook the replacement of the boilers, pumps and pipework for the main air handling system thus upgrading the heating to the building. We enountered the same difficulties with this installation in that all parts had to be carried up to the roof by hand as no crane lift was possible. The final restriction to the works on site was the roof top (LPHW) boiler plant room which was around four feet wide but only slightly over six feet high at the highest point with a lean to roof severely restricting access. In spite of all the problems that had to be overcome the installation was completed within the project deadline and on budget.

Other Parties

ARUP - Consultants, Cofeley Suez FM Provider to BNP Parabis



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